Laces and Hair, headed by Cris Dios, is today the biggest reference in the area of hair treatments. Creator of the “Hair Spa” category, Laces follows a concept of organic and natural ingredients that aims to effectively treat the health of the hair, as well as offering gradual beauty through a unique experience that involves body, mind and soul connection.


Care. Treatment. Charm.
The Laces and Hair team is concerned with the well-being of customers and providing a haven of refuge in the midst of the metropolis.
Disconnect to reconnect.
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Herbs, emulsions, proteins and natural amino acids are allied to technologies that assist in the care of the hair and scalp. Laces and Hair products work on all types of hair. See all our products here!



Pause and Conection

Meditation provides a time of stillness and rest, which are fertile grounds for self-healing and rejuvenation.

We believe in beauty from within, so our purpose is to take you on a journey to make your entire inner glow further enhance your beauty.

Tune into the guidance and good relaxation!

If you just want to listen to a calmer music to relax, we suggest a few options:


While the world was immersed in the quest for quick solutions, Mercedes Dios was young, restless, and with accurate sensitivity developed a revolutionary method, the techniques and processes used in Laces and Hair. She has always encouraged his products and treatments to be made from herbs, flowers and tropical fruits. In those fifty years, he achieved a unique alchemy that gave rise to the products used by Laces.

  • About Laces

    Laces is balance, specialized in natural treatments and gradual beauty.


    In a unique alchemy, we offer individual treatments and procedures that bring health to the most diverse yarn needs at a time of connection between body, mind and soul.


    LCS Hair Care and Cris Dios Organics products work on all types of hair.

  • Laces experience

    Guided meditation, shoulder and scalp massage, foot reflexology in a haven amidst the metropolis.

Laces and Hair - Produtos naturais e orgânicos

Natural products with organic ingredients

Laces and Hair products are crafted to treat all hair types.

Shampoos perfectly cleanse your hair from all impurities and match each hair profile. Creams have pure vitamins that nourish and strengthen your hair and make it shinier, softer, and healthier.

Laces aims to create a perfect balance by restoring your hair’s natural health and allowing you to keep it always beautiful!

Encanto da Lua Cheia® (FULL MOON CHARM)

On the first day of full moon, your metabolism and circulation are more active, so we offer a treatment to strengthen and grow your hair more effectively. For skeptics, we make a little mark very close to a hair root to measure how much it grows: on average 80% more than on regular days, i.e., at least 1.8 cm (0.7 inches) in 28 days.

Velaterapia® (Candle Therapy)

Using candles and a unique technique, Laces cauterizes the hair and eliminates split ends without affecting hair length. Check out the photos of who was there in the last events.

Welcome to the world of healthy hair.

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