#BateCabeloLaces is a movement created by Laces to promote and encourage treatment and care, according to the nature and individuality of each person, for healthy hair with shine, movement, and body.

The song ‘Bate Cabelo’ was produced by DJs Emiliano Beyruthe and Marina Diniz, who went to New York to use all the studio technology available there and selected Jungle City, where Alicia Key records all her songs, as the temple for creating ‘Bate Cabelo’. There, music producer Gianluca Girard contributed all his expertise and education at Berklee College of Music and recorded a song that will play at the best New Year’s Eve parties across Brazil, such as Trancoso, Pipa, Jericoacoara, and São Miguel do Gostoso, to encourage all Brazilian women to care for their hair, whether curly, straight, blond, dark, red, fringed, so that they can really whip their hair around.

And are you ready to whip your hair?

BateCabelo feat. Nina Joory & Marina Diniz

BateCabelo feat. Anná & Superdance (Saravá Mix)

Bate Cabelo Laces

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