Coloração Aveda

Aveda Coloring and Reflection

Laces and Aveda

Laces and Hair, Brazil’s premier sustainable beauty salon and spa, and Aveda, a globally beloved brand recognized for its high-performance botanical hair products and services, have partnered to expand the Aveda brand in Brazil and South America.

Aveda chose LACES for its professional expertise and commitment to social causes and sustainable principles in its business, such as the Aveda brand mission. Both brands have in common the concern for natural beauty and the care of the human being, as a unique being.


Within Aveda’s portfolio there are more than 570 products, in addition to color and style procedures, which has a differential: offering technology and the possibility of different colors, allied with the hair’s health. Laces will offer this procedure exclusively in Brazil.

The colorings, divided between toners and permanent inks, offer a variety of possibilities where the professional can customize tone, intensity and coverage within the wide range of colors, from pure and translucent hues to more opaque, vibrant or gray mixing results.


Its formula is made up of 93% naturally sourced ingredients, which improves the condition of damaged hair while adding radiant color and shine with a conditioning blend of certified organic vegetable oils such as kukui, sunflower, castor and jojoba, which helps improve the condition of damaged hair, besides providing radiant shine.

Green tea extract further helps create a wider spectrum of colors by acting as a naturally derived color modifier to enhance the range of shades, helping to provide the definitive palette of the colorist. Plant-derived L-arginine acts as an energy booster to raise the pH for maximum color deposit on each strand, providing lasting results that fade in tone. Butylene glycol, derived from sugar cane, helps create a gel-based formula that has a smooth consistency for easy application.


With them it is possible to come in shades such as platinum blonde, red, pink, blue and brown.

Many colors and many possibilities without harming the health of the hair.