DNA Laces and Hair

DNA Laces

The treatment

The treatment consists in recovering the hair through a specific analysis of the need of the hair, from the root, length and ends in order to return amino acids, proteins and keratin, restoring the life and health of the hair. The process begins with DNA Laces Trichodiagnosis, which is responsible for find the level of wire porosity and assessing the need for the use of 3 ampoules: Nutrition, Hydration and Reconstruction. According to the diagnosis, a blend of vitamins is indicated that returns, in a localized and effective way, the missing nutrients that are needed for the hair fiber nutrition.

This is only possible through the ionization system – a wave that generates positive charges that break up electrical molecules. This promotes greater adherence of the treatment properties to the hair, causing penetration and deep bonding of the hair treatment.

This process causes greater penetration of the nutrients contained in the ampoules and causes amino acids, nutrients and lipids to coat the hair fiber and reach the cortex, deeply treating the hair from the inside out.

To whom is applies

All hair types. Over time the hair has become hostage to various chemical processes, such as dyeing, progressive, straightening, and also external factors such as pollution, the use of flat iron and dryers, among others. All of these processes damage and destroy the hair fiber. This treatment recovers the hair fiber according to the need of each hair.


1:30 – 2:00

How to extend the results

Using Laces and Cris Dios Organics produtcs.