Tratamento Multivitaminas Laces and Hair

Multivitaminas Laces® (MULTI-VITAMINS)

The treatment

Complete treatment of the scalp and hair to protect all hair types, including long and thin, restoring health to damaged dry and colored hair. Made of pure vitamins and herbs, it prevents breakage, dryness, and split ends.

The first step is to treat and moisturize the hair and restore vitamins and minerals. Then, we move on to Laces scalp cleansing process with an active compound of astringent herbs, which deeply remove died cells, product residues, and excess oiliness.

Next, we provide a scalp massage, which activates blood circulation and sends vitamins to the hair bulb. The massage extends to the shoulders for further relaxation and surrender during the treatment. To finish, it also includes a quartz light treatment on the scalp to increase circulation around the hair bulb and promote effective cleansing.


All hair and scalp types, especially people with hair loss, excess oiliness, and weak hair.

Process Duration

1 hour and 15 minutes, once per week to once per month (depending on the Hair specialist’s assessment)

How to extend results

Use Laces and Cris Dios Organics products.