Since 2016, Laces has contributed to the NGO Bem-Querer Mulher, a women’s movement for non-violence created in 2004 by the group Full Jazz Comunicação with the support of UN Women.

The Movement helps reduce violence against women in Brazil by raising awareness and mobilizing society, training and strengthening local social leaders and organizations devoted to help and support women victims. The care includes psychological and legal support throughout the process until the end of the case.

Laces contributes to Bem Querer Mulher financially and also by serving some women who need help to recover their self-esteem at some units. “Women with self-esteem do not accept violence. Of any kind and from anyone” argues Cris Dios, co-founder of Laces.

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João Santos, creator of Bem Querer Mulher Movement, and Cris Dios, at an event celebrating 10 years of the Movement, when Ana Maria Braga became ambassador of the NGO.