Five things to do while in Brazil for São Paulo Fashion Week

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A key stop in the fashion calendar is São Paulo Fashion Week, so we gathered the top spots to hang out in between runway shows. WGSN’s Nina Giglio reports

São Paulo, Brazil, is home to some of the coolest new fashion designers and is also the third biggest city in the world. So here in WGSN’s Latam office, we’ve done some of the hard work for you. Instead of you having to Google where to hang out between runways and ramps at the Biennial building, we’ve curated a cool list of hotspots for you to visit while you are here checking out the latest breathtaking fashion in our country. Enjoy!

1. EAT AT: A Casa do Porco Bar

sao paulo fashion week 1

Headed by chef Jefferson Rueda, the place opened last October and still has a long wait line of people eager to get in. Get there early or grab a nibble while waiting for your table. Try the Porco Poca, a “popcorn” made from dehydrated and fried pork skin. For the main course, make sure to order the pork sushi, seasoned with black manioc sauce, and the Porco San Zé, an entire roasted pork served with Brazilian side dishes – black beans “tutu”, banana tartare and the well-known kale in the form of a salad. The spot also offers a sandwich shop for those in a hurry, and a market.

rua Araújo, 124, Centro

phone number:+55 11 3258 2578

2. EXPERIENCE SOME CULTURE AT: Museu da Casa Brasileira

sao paulo fashion week 2

For a cultural splash of brasilidade, make sure to visit Museu de Casa Brasileira. Apart from the temporary exhibits, the museum features artifacts that reflect the interior decor of houses in Brazil through the ages (hence the name). The museum itself is a work of art, featuring a backyard filled with native Brazilian species and Santinho, a restaurant from chef Morena Leite that offers a tasty buffet during lunch.

avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2705, Jardim Paulistano

phone number: +55 11 3032-3727

3. SHOP THE LOCAL MARKETS AT: Mercado de Pinheiros

wgsn_sao paulo fashion week 3

The traditional market went through a complete makeover early this year, receiving new neighbours among its traditional market stands: one of the best cevicherias in town, Comedoria Gonzales, Café Mocotó, with the traditional tapioca squares from its father restaurant, Mocotó, by chef Rodrigo Oliveira, and three stores featuring native products curated by world-renowned chef Alex Atala. Be careful: opening times are still more market than new-hip-place-in-town.

rua Pedro Cristi, 89, Pinheiros

opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 8h-18h

4. RELAX AT: Laces

wgsn_sao paulo fashion week 4

If you’re looking for some pampering, head to Laces, a salon famous for its organic and natural treatments. With a killer interior design to soothe your view while doing a candle therapy or a full moon enchant, the spot, founded by Mercedes Dios also offers organic hair products made of Brazilian herbal extracts and essential oils.

rua Amauri, 282, Itaim Bibi

phone number: +55 11 4508 4101

 5. PARTY AT: Z Carniceria

sao paulo fashion week 5

For some nighttime fun, Z Carniceria, located in the cool neighbourhood of Baixo Pinheiros, is the top choice. A mix between restaurant – try the coxinhamade of ox’s tale and crunchy pepper jam, from the menu by chef Mariana Gilbertoni – concert house and bar, there’s always something going on at the place. Formerly located at rua Augusta, Z reopened in the new spot last year, keeping the extravagant decor that will keep your eyes entertained for hours.

avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 724, Pinheiros

phone number: + 55 11 2936 0934