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Laces win PremioEco Sustainability Award: An Extended Case Study

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Por Simon Robinson

Laces is a Brazilian network of hair spas based in São Paulo which was created with the mission of promoting the natural health of hair. Their visionary approach to natural and organic hair care has resulted in an approach to the design of hair salons and a customer experience which is so exceptional that Maria and I decided to include an interview with Cris Dios, the founder of Laces, for Customer Experiences with Soul.

Laces win PremioEco Sustainability Award: An Extended Case Study - Customer Experiences With Soul

It is therefore fantastic to be able to announce that last night Laces won the highly prestigious Premio Eco® award, the most highly-regarded sustainability award in Brazil, which is organised by Amcham, the American Chamber of Commerce and the newspaper Estadão.
Launched by Amcham in 1982, the Premio Eco® Award was a pioneer in recognising companies which adopted socially responsible practices, leading to a rich reflection on sustainable business development in Brazil. The award was created with the purpose of making it an instrument of corporate commitment to social development.
In honour and recognition of this great achievement by the family of Laces (the inclusive term they use to describe both themselves and everyone who plays a role in contributing to their ecosystem) Maria and I are publishing the full case study which explains the systemic and holonomic nature of their approach to customer experience design. In doing so, we will use the framework from Temkin Group which we cite in chapter one of our book, which describes the four customer experience competencies which companies must build and sustain for long-term success:
Purposeful Leadership: Leaders operate consistently with a clear set of values.
Employee Engagement: Employees are aligned with the goals of the organisation.
Compelling Brand Values: Brand promises drive how the organisation treats customers.
Customer Connectedness: Customer insights are infused across the organisation.
These are all essential components when approaching the design of a customer experience. In terms of understanding the underlying systemic nature of Laces’ model, it is also worth referring to the Flourishing Business Canvas, which locates business models within the three contexts of the economy, society and environment, and which also provides four perspectives of people, value, processes and outcomes.
The Flourishing Business Canvas is explained in this graphic below, which was published by Fien Van den Broeck in her PhD thesis which explores how the canvas can help fashion companies from different sizes to take a look at their organization on economic, social and environmental level. You can read her thesis online here.

Laces win PremioEco Sustainability Award: An Extended Case Study - Customer Experiences With Soul

Laces is a conscious business which is continually looking for the most relevant and up-to-date business tools and techniques to help them innovate and develop their thinking. Maria and I have worked with Laces exploring how the Flourishing Business Canvas can help the team better explore new sustainable business opportunities, help in the training and development of their collaborators, and be used to help tell and communicate their story in a systemic manner.

Laces win PremioEco Sustainability Award: An Extended Case Study - Customer Experiences With Soul

As we say in our book, customer experience design is the forgotten dimension of sustainability, and when this discipline is brought together with a systemic approach to sustainable design, the result is an award-winning experience which contributes to society, the planet and an expanded understanding of trade which is fair.
If you would like to learn more about our customer experiences with soul framework, please see our latest book Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design (London: Holonomics Education, 2017).

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