• Purpose Laces

    Concern for health and natural beauty is the first step to keep your body, soul and mind healthy. All Laces services and procedures have this purpose, delivering experience along with all their processes.


    Beautiful hair is beautiful every day. Not just when you leave the hairdresser. This is the philosophy of HairSpa Laces, to deliver and deliver full, shiny and healthy hair. We respect individual needs and propose capillary reeducation.


    For the best result and hair maintenance at home we teach our clients how to take care of their hair. The choice goes from selecting the right products for your needs, the correct application of them, without damaging the fibers, to the way to finish the hair at home without harming them.

Laces special events

Encanto da Lua Cheia® Laces (Full Moon Charm)

Laces Encantos da Lua Cheia® event offers customers a day of hair treatments and haircuts that help grow up to 1.8 cm in 28 days.

Velaterapia ® Laces (Candle Therapy)

Laces uses candles and an exclusive technique to cauterize your hair and eliminate split ends without affecting the length. Check out photos of who attended the previous events.