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How to identify your hair type and the best treatments

Want to know if your hair is normal or damaged? Porous or dry? Cris Dios, hair specialist and cosmetologist for Laces and Hair, gave some tips on how to make the correct diagnosis, from then on, treat your hair with the right and proper nutrients. Watch here and keep your hair shiny, balanced and moving.


The frizz now have solution. We talked to healthy hair expert Cris Dios, cosmetologist and hair expert at Laces and Hair, and she told us all about why we have frizz in our hair and even gave some tips to tame them in everyday life. Hit play and say goodbye to frizz.


This is the name of the concept of Villa Lobos store, where businesswoman and cosmetologist Cris Dios joined a special team of creators to present the idea of “visual biome” of the store, which brings the canopies of the Villa Lobos Park into Laces’ habitat, incorporating well-being, warm, and life to the space through connection with nature and promotes Laces experience of hair care and natural treatments combined with the care of body, mind, and soul.

This concept became a reality thanks to a talented team of many project participants, including Nadezhda Mendes da Rocha, Brazilian architect and furniture designers, who developed a lavatory that goes far beyond its traditional function. Caroline Elkis, architect and landscaper, faced the challenge of representing and bringing the tree canopies from the backyard of Parque Villa Lobos Shopping Mall into the new unit; and Engineer Carlos Raiza took the task of making natural light viable in the unit as a mall store, vital for Laces’ trade dress and very rare in shopping malls.

Adriana Bianchi, art expert and heir of IADE, was the curator of the Brazilian furniture inside the space, where we can see items by Sérgio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin, Michel Arnoult, Jean Gillo, Florence Knoll, and Nadezhda Mendes da Rocha. Visual artist Armarinhos Teixeira, who has already exhibited works in other Laces units, is also part of this team with new works exhibited. All this integrated with the work by architect Marcelo Bicudo and a modern VM design by Juliemy Machado.


Text: Ana Carolina Oliveira and Gabrielle Estevans
Direction: André Caraballo
Creative Direction: Rodolfo Rubens
Assistant Directors: Julia Hannud and Dani Chinellato
Director of Photography: Hassan Shatateet
Production: Caraballo and Magê Cechetto
Voice Over: Juliana Araripe
Sound Direction: Lorenzo Pardell

Laces and Hair Manifesto on Women: Stereotypes, Demands, Guilts, and Fears.

Laces proposes a reflection on the need to daily observe the feminine universe, where there are a number of demands for them to be super women: good successful professionals, faithful friends, good mothers, thin, beautiful, healthy, good wives, good daughters, which ends up in frustration as they cannot perfectly perform all these roles.

The purpose of the video is to reflect and discuss on daily judgments and suggest more acceptance of one’s essence, nature, and respect the way each one has chosen to take.


Meeting and debate among women.

Laces Manifesto on Women presentation even with a debate among Ana Raia, life and career coach; Daiana Garbin, host of the Channel and website Eu Vejo; Cris Dios, cosmetologist and hair specialist, facilitated by Fabiana Scaranzi, journalist and author of the book ‘Mulheres muito além do salto alto’.


First 100% Vegetable Coloring in Brazil, consisting of a blend of roots, stems, plants, and herbs that color and nourish the hair!


Laces offers natural organic treatments that promote hair health and well-being of our customers through an experience of relaxation and disconnection in our spaces.



Vogue and Laces and Hair came together at Laces Amauri for an event full of art, beauty, personality, and style.

Seven women were invited to exhibit works from their personal collections by renowned artists that reflect their choices, style, beauty, and personality.

“In the quest for sensations that inspire, foster, and reflect part of their personalities, women come together to exhibit works from their personal collections. Choosing an artwork is choosing a provocation, an emotion, an experience. The personal taste and history of each of those women intersects with the presence of art.

Since 2014, Laces has opened a space for arts as a refuge from the big city chaos. Now, it hosts its first meeting of art, personality, history, and identity, where women present part of their personal collections.”


Preparation and Production of the ‘Women and their Collections’ event. 7 women, 7 styles, 7 different tastes, 7 arts exhibited. Before and after the event.


Event with astrologist Titi Vidal talking about the influence of the stars in our lives, and Cris Dios talks about the influence of the Full Moon on our hair.


Preparation and hair treatment of bridesmaids for Helena Bordon’s wedding at Laces Moema. All bridesmaids were invited by the bride to have their hair treated, healthy and beautiful before the big day!

Laces offers the Almost Married project for all brides who want to have their hair treated and healthier before the wedding, which may also include the bridesmaids on a single day or treatment schedule.

Laces DHL Awards

DHL Awards: Laces Human Development – Recognition and awards for outstanding staff in 2016 in 11 categories.


Group trip. Training. Immersion in natural beauty. Connection with natural and gradual beauty. So was the DHL Connection Gradual Beauty trip, where Laces took its leadership team for a content immersion experience in São Miguel do Gostoso, in Laces Village.


Cris Dios Organics and LCS Hair Care line has certified natural organic ingredients that benefit the hair structure and are recommended for nutrition and care of all hair types.